Dude, that’s probably photoshopped..
Zoomed out. #metolious
Zoom out
Last sunset one I promise (probably not)
Yesterday was eye opening. I got to go out with professional landscape photographer Jeffrey Murray and hit some spots around Oregon, and learn some real rad stuff. This one was from a sunset shot at elk lake to wrap up the evening.
And… A black and white for good measure.  @brandonmckiernannn 🍒
And… A black and white for good measure.  @brandonmckiernannn 🍒
@brandonmckiernannn ‘s beloved e28. I’ve always wanted to do this type of car shots and I’m glad I got to shoot his first. Thanks man!
Beverly Cleary meets Ramona Quimby. If you know, you know.
I really like to avoid any one place for too long, like a cubicle or behind a counter, etc. That’s why I am very grateful my office relocates weekly. It may not be the most glamorous of work but I get to see some neat things. #cushionTCsquadup
Work break
In a land far far away…..  #umatillavalley
Yesterday was tight.
Umatilla River// thank you @ghagerman1 for stopping and letting me get photos of stuff that has nothing to do with sports or cars, I really appreciate it. 😉❤️