🎣 gon’ fishin
Tonight’s πŸŒ…
Stupid power-lines. #manvsnature
Let’s 🎣 rn.
#tbt to a really hood evening sunset. *good
This ones in honor of @meowstachh because she’s wanted me to go to this particular Cascadian waterfall for several years. So here you go. ☺️
The Three Sisters are having a wet T-Shirt contest. #letsgosomewhere
Don’t work today, go hike. Here is some mountain run off, creek deep in the cascades. #letsgosomewhere
Last nights sunset at one of my favorite views in all of Oregon. Shared by two of my greatest friends @stayfitfish and @ghagerman1 #hoodbyair
Ramona 🚿
Get outside today, and eat a burger, and like go somewhere neato.  @tannergoods