Lil shout out to the homie @ghagerman1 leaving all the rivers empty. 🎣 “easy day, easy day”
Fishing today.

sem título by In Still Motion on Flickr.
Cheech needs to lay off..

Cafe Tracker by Vintage Racers.
Happy birthday to my sister @ashulyrae I love you. ❤️
It’s my sisters birthday, and I’m gonna eat the most amazing homemade pizza soon. Life’s good, and this is Broken Top.
The shadow land of Oregon isn’t so bad.
Last nights sunset//Upper Klamath Lake. 🌅
Red Tailed Hawk: Klamath Fall, Or.🐣


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It can be pretty darn tough to get to know someone with only a couple lines of text in your profile.. So in a effort to get to know who is out there.. here is my story for those that care. 

I’m a 28 year old Photographer/ Director based in Central California, Pismo Beach. I’m a father of 2 with my wife @breaface

I’m a senior staff photographer for @surfer_magazine & shoot editorial & commercial assignments around the globe. I travel about 6-8 months out of the year & my work is heavily inspired by bold landscapes & natural light w/small subjects. I have spent the better part the last 10 years chasing down cold surf in the Arctic & other remote parts of the globe. I’ve used  every camera system out there.. (Seriously) but have found @sony to fit my personal style best. I place a huge emphasis on being fast & light.. And never want the bulk of my gear to get in the way of truly experiencing a culture or subject. 

I started my photographic journey around the age of 19. I was taking Art classes in high school and I wanted to explore a way to express myself that could put me more in the moment ..  My girlfriend at the time (now wife) let me borrow her moms old Canon film camera and the rest was history. I opted to learn by doing rather than going to college.. (more a matter of not having the funds available) I placed a strong emphasis on apprenticing so I studied with large format landscape photographer Michael Fatali in the Southwest & later interned for photo Ed @peter_taras at Transworld Surf circa 2006.

Since then my work has allowed to win awards, publish 4 books & help create multiple film projects on my journeys.

Trying to “be present” is something I always strive for in my personal and work life . I consider myself a forever student in trying to find that balance in life .. Yoga is one of those things has helped me find that . I have been practicing for 3 years thanks to @kellymetcalfyoga . If (when) I had the time I would hike the PCT / JMT and just about anywhere else my feet would take me. Currently I’m working on a children’s book with @thedreampress & and a short film from a recent  Norway trip w/ @smugmug 
 #WhatsYourStory? (at Whats Your Story?)
Good friends don’t grow on trees, they stand on downed logs under regal waterfalls.
Proxy Falls.